We help luxury brands tell their stories

Our creative team has been immersed in the luxury sector for many years. We helps brands inspire and educate their target audience and importantly we help brands stand out by being different. Different is memorable and does not play by the same rules as everyone else. Different extracts you from the pond of many brands fighting for attention and creates a pond of one. Why share the pond when you can have it all to yourself!

Our story starts by identifying and focusing on a core brand message that sets you apart from your competition. Through the application of creative thinking and brand building we help your business punch above its weight on a journey that differentiates and defines your luxury lifestyle business.

Our Brand Building Tools

We can offer brands a wide selection of marketing tools geared at delivering the right message to time poor HNW clients.

Creating a luxury brand is so much more than just designing a logo. Exclusively Connect helps aspirational and luxury brands tell their story through design. Our team is made up of dynamic strategic thinkers who build brands from scratch and at a more mature phase in business.

Inspiring photography is a fundamental part of a luxury brand’s marketing and communication assets. Our black book of luxury photographers have worked with stand out brands in the industry to deliver images which reflect our brands marketing strategies.

As the world of digital video continues to grow year on year, we are working alongside brands to create cutting edge content. Luxury and video are instilled into our videographers DNA and we create beautiful footage which truly masters video content.

Content Publishing
We design and produce stunning ‘coffee table’ books that help define and position companies as leaders in the field of luxury lifestyle. The books are tailor made to suit individual requirements and can be finished in a wide variety of materials from leather to metal to reflect the brand that the book represents.

Address Intelligence
Address Intelligence is a custom built database of every residential address in the UK. Unlike traditional data ‘lists’ the system uses a unique live data sourcing process and we can analyse your existing customer database to build a full demographic and geographic profile of your ideal target audience.

Annual and Bespoke Events

We have developed a portfolio of unrivalled annual lifestyle events, exhibitions and experiences which deliver event experiences, product launches, showroom openings, private parties and business networking events.

Exclusively Events are continually growing an impressive and unique annual event portfolio ranging from large shows to boutique exhibitions including The Elite London, the UK’s leading jet-set lifestyle event and The Elite New York.

All events provide access to the finest luxury goods, experiences, services, cars, boats, property, fashion and financial services and all from the most distinguished companies who are Exclusively Connect Members.