Over the past 9 years with London as our home we have created 5 Collaborative Marketing Groups that operate regionally or with vertical market groups. The groups consist of member companies, each and every one carefully vetted as we only work with luxury lifestyle brands and they can only join and work with us by invitation only.

Within our groups our luxury lifestyle members cover all the finer things in life including, car, home, leisure, fashion and finance. Companies range in size from artisans who produce amazing work for amazing homes to global luxury brands in the car, aviation and finance sectors.

Our Collaborative Marketing Groups include:

  • London Group
  • London West Group
  • London North Group
  • Luxury Home & Property Group
  • Private Client Group

Each group operates independently with a focus on their region or market sector and each group grows through introductions and invitations from our current members to other luxury brand prospects that would benefit from working with us and our members.

We provide flexible tiered membership levels so that companies can be part of more than one group. Each group meets regularly, our members host our meetings to put the spotlight on their business to tell their story and we continually make new connections for our members and we encourage and activate marketing and event collaborations to help members reach out to each other’s clients.

Collaborative Marketing is about people too. Our platform fast tracks access for you to work with ‘like minded’ marketing and business development managers, directors, owners and entrepreneurs.