Our collaborative marketing groups

Uniquely, we have created and developed regional and sector specific collaborative marketing groups a platform specifically for premium and luxury lifestyle brands to engage with one another and work together to target new, mass affluence to UHNW  prospects. By working with other ‘like minded’ businesses in our community we open the door to help our Members cross sell to new prospects – each other’s clients.

Our collaborative marketing groups create introductions that open new supplier relationships,help form new  marketing partnerships and help establish joint ventures that can transform businesses.

Exclusively London

To enable companies in and around the London region to easily connect and collaborate with other luxury brands we have five regional groups covering central London plus London North, South, East and West that together cover the home counties. Operating in and around one of the world’s greatest cities this is a significant hub for our luxury brand members large and small and and work in excess of £100m has been generated for our members in this region.

Exclusively Property Group

The Exclusively Property Group is designed to create an unrivaled B2B and B2C platform providing access to the very best property opportunities in the UK and Internationally. The Exclusively Property Group is an invitation only club for property professionals, property finance professionals, agents, developers, HNW investors and professional investors with an opportunity to pitch, buy, sell, invest, learn and make new contacts. The group also includes interiors specialists from leading artisans to private cinema specialists and interior designers to furniture designers.

Exclusively Elite Group

The Exclusively Elite Group has been created specifically for our Members that serve clients with a personal assets above £2.5m and typically far higher. We work closely with the Elite Group Members to create opportunities to engage with each others cherished clients to build rapport and develop new revenue streams.