Heroine by day, hedonist by night…

Having worked in banking and consulting for many years, the co-founders of Hedoine have met amazing women along the way with whom they immediately clicked. They were rare, but they do exist – cool and independent high flyers. They were the fun ones – intelligent, mischievous, energetic and unconventional.
Because stylish business attire is hard to find, Alex and Anna were inspired to quit their jobs and just do it ourselves. After all, what is more exciting than the thrill, the adventure, the ups and downs of having your own company? To begin with, they are starting with the part of the business uniform that every woman dislikes: tights. Until today, they have been an annoying necessity in many jobs. By combining the highest quality yarns with innovative 3D knitting techniques, we have reinvented the business stocking.
We are delighted that Hedoine have chosen to showcase at The Evening of Elegance event targeted at 150+ HNW clients. Exclusively Connect bring together interesting people and interesting brands to create experiential events and incredible showcases. After all, whats better than meeting your next HNW client face to face?